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We thank you for your interest in applying to participate in the BJI initiative. In order to complete your application and qualify to participate, you must accept these terms and conditions which may be changed at any time by BJI in its sole discretion.

By using our website which is governed by our privacy policy, you accept these terms, conditions, disclaimer in full.

Accordingly, if you disagree with these terms, conditions and disclaimer or any part thereof, DO NOT use our website to submit your application and materials.

Please be advised that you/Company/Business Name must meet the stipulated eligibility requirements and acknowledge/confirm that by submitting your Ideas you agree to be bound by the Terms & conditions as set out in this document.

You further agree that:

  • You/Company/Business Name is the owner of the idea being submitted
  • The information being submitted is true and correct
  • You/Company/Business Name hereby gives up all copyright and other intellectual property right claims against BJI (other than patent and trademark claims) for evaluating or otherwise using the Idea/Proposal being submitted;
  • BJI is under no obligation to use the Idea/Proposal being submitted but will hold it in confidence unless required by law
  • No Member of your Company/Business Management has been convicted of a felony
  • You/Company/Business Name voluntarily submits to a background check & by signing this document, hereby authorized BJI to conduct background checks on you/Company/Business Name, to verify all, or any information supplied by you/Company/Business Name in the application form
  • Neither you nor any member of your Company/Business Name is a candidate for public office and agree not to become a candidate for public office from the date of the Application until Seven (7) years after.
  • You/Company/Business Name will be bound by the BJI Nondisclosure Agreement, Waiver of Liability and all such documents that outline, enforce & protect BJI + her affiliates.


  • If any of the information given is found false at any point, it is understood and agreed that this will be sufficient ground for your disqualification even after You/Company/Business is already active.
  • All decisions regarding the selection of the applicants are final and not subject to appeal or contest.
  • You agree to keep strictly confidential all the information that concerns this venture and agree for charges to be levied against you for any direct/indirect breach
  • If you/Company/Business Name is activated, BJI is assigned the Right to use any/all your related materials for the purpose of publicity and marketing even without permission.
  • You/Company/Business Name is registered in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.